This paragraph compels you to want a home inspection from our fine firm.  It is so finely written, so irresistibly compelling, that you are going to want to order an inspection even if you aren't in the process of buying or selling real estate.

Ok, so maybe you aren't yet convinced.  Still... the question remains, how do you choose a home inspector?  From a website?  For most of us, our home will be one of the largest purchases that we will ever make.  Every home inspector's website will tell you pretty much the same thing.  Since no one is going to describe himself as second-rate, it is important to ensure that the person you hire to inspect real property has the education, experience and knowledge to give you information you will need to help make an educated decision.  Please be assured that while we use humor in our website to convey our message, we will take your inspection very seriously.

So, what is a home inspection?  In brief, it is a non-invasive inspection of the accessible areas of a home.  We will review those areas, components, systems and appliances that we can get to without endangering ourselves or others.  It also means that we are not going to do any damage to a home in the process of inspecting.
For more specific information as to what a home inspection from us covers and what we provide, please review the CREIA Standards of Practice and the Code of Ethics.

To start your exploration of this site, use the blue navigation bar above.  "About us" will tell you a bit about our company and personnel.  "Links" provides information from other sources, and the "Gallery" has a large selection of photographs taken on inspections over the years - to help you see a home through our eyes.  
After that, please give us a call and ask us questions.
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Click on the icon below to see a sample report.  Be warned, it was a pretty bad property.
Click on the icon below to see a  sample report.  This one was in much better condition.
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